Mule & Blacktail Pack Hunts

San Diego, CA


Mule Deer Pack Hunts

Our guided mule deer hunts currently take place in zone D16.

Eligible tags includes D16, AO, A22, & G13.

These hunts include a 1:1 experience with an experienced guide.

These hunts do not include lodging.

Our clients are paying for the guides time and ability put them in position to take one of our local deer.

These are not trophy hunts but rather are an opportunity to take a legal deer in a deer zone with less than 6% success rates.  Our success rates run approximately 50%.

All reservations can be made after August 1st .

All hunters will be screened in order to determine if they have the physical ability to hunt with us for 3 days.

Generally speaking, our clients can expect to hike up to 10 miles in a day through rough terrain. We will utilize spot and stalk methods, blinds, and any other style of hunting needed to find a legal deer. There is no best way to hunt deer in this zone as terrain features and habitat vary depending on where we choose to hunt.

Our harvest fee of $500 is in place to let our clients know that we want them to get a deer on the ground as bad as they do!

Guide will provide you with lunch and water.

$1800 – 3 Day, 2 night hunt
$600 Deposit to reserve trip
$500 Harvest fee



Three Days, Two Nights

Does not include hunting license or deer tag.  We guide in the D16, A22 and G13 zones.



In the event of a deer harvest.


Call for Pricing and Availability

Here in Southern California we are fortunate to have two of the most unique deer sub species in the western United States, the Burro Deer and Southern Mule Deer.  Sign up with SoCal Outfitters to have a chance to hunt one of these unique animals.

A-Zone Blacktail Deer Private Land Hunts

2-day hunt takes place on 30,000 acre private ranch. The season opens the second weekend of August and runs for 44 consecutive days. All hunters will need CA Hunting License and an over the counter A zone deer tag.

$5000 – Respectable Buck
$8500 – Trophy Buck

Location: Paso Robles Private Ranch