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Predator / Varmint Hunts

Our Predator and varmint hunts and an exciting opportunity for a hunter to test his or her shooting abilities. You’ll be hunting premium coyote and squirrel areas that are loaded with game.

A-Zone Turkey Hunts

These hunts take place on premium hunting ranches such as Paso Robles Private Ranch, which has healthy populations of Rio Grande and Merriam turkey. READ MORE

Upland Game Hunts

Our clients will have the option to hunt dove, quail, and/or pigeon during open seasons. Quail hunts are more physical in nature, but our dove/pigeon hunts take place around food and water sources. READ MORE

Exotic Ram Hunts

These hunts are for free range Barbado rams and take place on 30,000 acres of private property. Hunters will enjoy a premium hunting experience that is right for hunters of all ability. READ MORE

Buffalo Hunts

Being able to experience a hunt for Americas most iconic animal, the buffalo is something you’ll never forget. These hunts take place inside of a 3,400 acre area that has healthy number of buffalo. READ MORE

Wild Hog Hunts

SoCal Outfitters has access to more than 150,000 acres outside of Paso Robles, California.  We provide our clients with a premium pig hunting experience like no other in California. READ MORE

Waterfowl Hunts

We offer an exciting opportunity to hunt waterfowl in a unique environment.  Our waterfowl hunts take place on a large private lake that has some public access. READ MORE

Blacktail/Mule Deer Hunts

Here in Southern California we have the most unique deer sub species in the western United States. Sign up with SoCal Outfitters to have a chance to hunt one of these unique animals. READ MORE